Autumn Leaf – Oil Painting

“Autumn Leaf”

Oil on Canvas

50cm x 40cm


I didnt really title this one. I feel the title of a painting should convey some kind of inner meaning or better describe the paintings meaning from the creators perspective. Anyway, there was no deeper meaning to this painting….. just that I wanted to paint a dying leaf and get all “anal retentive” with the veins. Then somewhere along the way i decided to make it an eye as well…….. So i just call it “Autumn Leaf” because thats all it is. Hope you like it 🙂

By the way. I had a heap of fun painting the water droplets. They are my favorite part 🙂




Swimming in the Stone Garden

“Swimming in the Stone Garden”

Oil on Canvas

152cm x 61cm


It is meant to be a statue that is coming out of a stone wall……… Ye, I can see a theme with my paintings too 🙂 I am really enjoying painting beautiful statues that are overgrown by nature. Anyway……… She is supposed to be a statue in a garden with the wind blowing leaves around her. But at the same time she is supposed to look like she is underwater so I painted the “hair” as though it is being swept back. This is also the reason for the light reflection on the body. At the same time the leaves look as though they are moving with the kicking of her legs leading you to wonder whether she is really swimming or made of stone.

Once again… Oil on Canvass, about 1.5m in length.

Hope you like it 🙂


Aeon of Slumber

…….and an aeon since I have put anything on this blog.

I have done a few paintings since my last entry so I will have to put them on here but for now this one has to be my favourite / best work to date. I call it “Aeon of Slumber” because the subject has been sleeping in the garden for so long that she has turned to stone. The garden has since began to grow over her, taking back what has petrified. I really love the shapes that Strangler Figs make so i had a ball painting the legs.

Once again this is oil on canvass…… Its pretty big too. 1.5m x 1.2m. That may not sound too big but when you see it in person it takes up a lot of wall space 🙂

Hope you like it 🙂