new painting step 6

I am sure you have guessed what the painting is of but if not it is pretty obvious now. Disregard the brown slash through the middle for now…… it will make sense in the end.

I am really happy with the stone look. Probably the best “stone texture” I have ever painted.

I think this will be my last post on this painting until I have finished it. Probably about another 2 weeks or so, then I will post a decent quality pic of the finished painting.

Thanks for checking it out everyone. I appreciate your interest 🙂



Painting with my little buddy

This is me painting with my little buddy.

My wife took these pics. This is our little boy. He just has to be touching you all the time…… even when you are busy. He will lean against you for ages 🙂

my lil' buddy


my lil' buddy2

New painting step 5

What a MISSION!!

I have finally finished the hand / tree. You can probably guess there were A LOT of steps between this and my last post… about 45hrs work!.

It is not actually a hand…… It is supposed to be a strangler fig in the shape of a hand. Anyway… I am really happy with the way it has come out.


New Painting Step 4

More detail to the hand.

If it looks a little odd right now…….. bare with me. It will look much better soon. I wont post any more on this for about a week. There will be no point as I am about to get all anal retentive on the detail in the hand so you really wont see much change over the next few steps. I will post another pic when the hand is finished 🙂


New Painting step by step

Hey there

I thought I would do another step by step of my latest painting. Its kind of fun seeing it develop. I like looking back on the pics to see it change. Hope you do to. There is not much to see at the beginning but it might keep you guessing for a while what the painting is of.

Once again it is oil on canvass but this one is huge compared to what I have painted in the past so it is a bit of a challenge. At this stage i am just roughing in the background. I actually started this one a couple weeks ago so i have a few more steps to post….. then I will just post maybe once a week untill I finish. Probably about 5 or 6 weeks for this painting.

P.S. Excuse the crappy photography… I do all of my painting at night so the photos dont come out too well with the flash.