Oil Painting Triptych Finished

“Vascular Embrace”

Oil on Canvas

140cm x 30cm

Hey everyone

I actually finished this painting a few weeks ago but haven’t had time to post it….. so here it is.

I call it “Vascular Embrace”.  The subject in this painting is meant to be a statue (once again) that is being “infused” with life by the vine tendrils that are growing over her. The vines are meant to signify veins……. hence the title “Vascular Embrace”. Some of them are actually in the correct place to be veins but I had to use a bit of artistic license with the thigh just to give the painting balance 🙂

Hope you like it………. Also, remember I have a facebook page now to drum up publicity for my first exhibition later this year so if you do like my work, please “like” my facebook page too. Thanks 🙂