Latest Oil Painting

“A Pathological Fear Of Drowning”

Oil on Canvas

153cm x 72cm


Hi everyone

Finished another painting 🙂

I call it “A Pathological Fear Of Drowning”. As usual it is oil on canvass and about 150cm x 90cm. I really enjoyed painting this one. The colours in the skin were just great to paint but most of all I was really pleased with the eyes. For once I think I managed to make the eyes look wet which I have never pulled off before.

The title refers to a general fear of failure……… maybe not so much failure……. more a case of “just not quite making it in everyday life”. The subject in the painting is obviously NOT going to drown as he is in sand, hence the irrational “Pathological” description in the title. The ripples in the sand are meant to be the ripples of imaginary water.

Anyway, I hope you like it 🙂

A Pathological Fear Of Drowning


Latest Painting

Hi everyone.

Here are a couple of step by step pics of my latest painting that I forgot to post. You can also see them on my facebook page

I should have this one finished in about 2 weeks so I will post the final version soon as well as a bit of background behind the painting. Hope you like it so far 🙂

Oil on canvass