Debut Exhibition! “Life in the Garden of Stone”

Getting close now…… only 2 months to go.

All of this has been building towards my first exhibition and I encourage everyone to come along for the opening on Saturday 19th July at Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood VIC (Australia). I have included the invitation below with all of the details.

Please come…… it will be a great afternoon 🙂



“Emergent” Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas

72cm x 72cm

Hi everyone

Just finished this one last week…….. I am really happy with this one.  As always it is oil on canvass and done over 5 canvases just to add a different perspective to the standard oil painting.

The title “Emergent” refers to a ‘coming out’ or transformation. The subject is being pulled from the stone by a vine which is meant to be symbolic of a “Giver of Life”. The subject is also in a foetal position, insinuating birth.

Hope you like it 🙂


Shattered Perception – Oil on canvass

Shattered Perception

Oil on canvass

76cm x 51cm

I actually finished this one a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had time to post it.

The painting is a shattered porcelain head laying on a stony surface……. The face is youth with the stone being old age. The cracks in the stone are representative of wrinkle lines in an old face. The title of the painting refers to a dual meaning. It could be interpreted as a revelation that you are no longer as young as you think you are. Alternatively it could be representation of vanity……. beauty being skin deep with a much more harsh reality beneath.

As always it is oil paint on canvass. This one is much smaller that my last few. It is only about 50cm wide

Hope you like it 🙂