“Entangled” – final painting for this exhibition


31cm x 152cm

Oil on Canvas


Hey there………. So here is my final painting for this current exhibition. It is representative of the way we as humans are entwined with our environment. The subject could either be hiding behind the vine, coming out from behind the vine, or being held back by the vine………… Or maybe they are both one and the same!

I call it “Entangled” as it is a follow up to my previous painting “”Emergent”. I had a lot of fun with the lighting on this one.

Hope you lie it 🙂


Close up’s:

Entangled Closeup1

Entangled Closeup2

Entangled Closeup3



“Contemplating The Eternal Question” Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4

“Contemplating The Eternal Question” Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4

Oli on Canvass

3ocm x 42cm each


Hi everyone

This is my latest painting…… A series of 4 portraits depicting youth and old age, boy, girl, man, woman, black and white. The faces fit together along the crack line down the middle. They are meant to be half stone, half human denoting an eternity of contemplation. If you look in the eye you can see YOU, the viewer, looking into the painting.

Hope you like them 🙂

P.S Only 2 more weeks until my first exhibition. Please come if you are interested. It will be great to have everyone there. The details can be found in my previous post………. Thanks 🙂