“Hand in Hand” oil on canvass

Hi everyone

Finished this one the other week but haven’t had a chance to post it. As always it is oil on canvass approx 90cm x 60cm. I call it Hand in Hand. It is a kind of “passing the torch” narrative. The top ‘older’ hand is crumbling into the younger bottom hand. It is symbolic of passing the land to the next generation.

Hope you like it ūüôā

Hand in Hand


Oil on Canvass

This is my latest painting. I call it “Salt of the Earth” I am really pleased with this one…… I am sure I say that all the time, but I REALLY like this one. All of these paintings will all be for sale at my next exhibition. I will post the invite soon.

As always it is oil on canvas 90cm x 45cm….. hope you like it ūüôā

Salt of the Earth