Welcome to the Stuart Amos artist site

Doug Moran National Portrait Prize Semi Finalist 2015

I can’t  begin to say how happy I am to be chosen as a semi finalist in this years Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. It is a tremendous honour to have gotten this far in what is one of Australia’s most prestigious art prizes. I can’t thank the judges enough. My entry is a portrait of my father which I hope displays the close bond we share.

"Dad" Oil on Canvas 70cm x 110cm
Title “Dad”
Doug Moran Semi Finalist
Oil on Canvas
70cm x 110cm

“Stuart Amos is an artist based in Melbourne. Working in oils, his paintings combine realism with the surreal.”

FOUNDATIONS is his latest exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood.

See advertisement below for details

Stuart Amos Full page ad.inddPlease feel free to have a look around…. You will find posts of my latest work as well as some background info on the narrative for each painting. Alternatively you will be able to see my Instagram and Facebook posts as I tend to put a lot of work there lately. Also, please check out the Gallery for my older works as well as the Past Exhibitions page.

Currently I will be having another exhibition at the Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne starting the last week of October 2015, running for three weeks. Please come along to the opening drinks on 31st Oct 2015. It will be fantastic to see you there. I will update the details at a later date.

Thank you very much for dropping by my page.

Stuart 🙂


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Stuart Amos artist site

  1. Hi Tara
    These days I put pretty much everything on Instagram and Facebook. There is a link to it on my WordPress page. I don’t update the WordPress page often anymore. Hope that helps 🙂

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